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You LOVE to crochet. You want to teach other people how to do it.

Many people want to learn how to crochet from the comfort of their own homes.

You can teach people your beloved skill and make a passive income.

You may think creating an online course is difficult and time consuming. 

But it can be QUICK AND EASY!

Start creating your crochet course now for only $107.

You won't be alone!
Zoom with our Online Course Specialist

Hey, I’m Lisa!

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I’m an online course creation specialist and you can ask me ANYTHING during out 1 hour Zoom session!

In our session I will:

  • clear up any fears you have about creating an online course
  • help you start creating your online course framework
  • give you course creation templates that I use everyday
  • give you tips and tricks to make your course fun and engaging
  • help you find a course platform that suits you and your learners
  • help with anything else!

Templates to Save You Time!

Lisa uses these every day

online course template

You will receive 2 templates – that’s all you need!

1. Deep Dive Template

Lisa will help you fill this template out during your Zoom session. It covers all of the important first questions you will need answered before you create your course

2. Storyboard Template

Lisa uses this template EVERYDAY to create online courses. It’s super easy to use and Lisa will show you how to use it during the Zoom session. 

Both templates are digital and can be used over and over again!

What If I Get Stuck?

Never fear!

crochet course

Lisa has helped 100’s of people and companies create online courses. 

99% of the time, the 1 hour zoom session + templates are all you need to get your crochet course started. 

Many people do not have to speak to Lisa ever again! Whoo hoo!

BUT, if you need more help Lisa is here for you. 

Lisa can give you one-on-one editing, advice and help with creating your course for an hourly fee. Just send a message saying HELP and Lisa will come to your rescue.

Still Have Questions?