What is a Learning Management System?

This video explains what a LMS is and gives some great suggestions of learning management systems and online course creation platforms: 

Are you overwhelmed by the sheer volume of course platforms available online? Do you want to find the best platform for your course but don’t know where to start? This podcast / video is for you!
Lisa Listama, Owner and Director of Sparkle E-Learning explains all of this and more in this episode of The Main Course. 
Knowing why and how to host a course can be tricky. Not all courses require the same kinds of features available in platforms. Then there are Learning Management Systems – what are those!? Platforms and LMS’s house online courses but they are not all created equal. 
In this episode, Lisa talks about the difference between LMS’s and platforms and dives into the nitty gritty of the following softwares: 
By the end of this episode you should have a clearer understanding of what an LMS or platform does and which ones are best for certain customers/functions. 
This episode is brought to you by the Online Course Creation Masterclass – written and designed by Lisa.